One sure way of making a brand’s silver lining outshine its darkest clouds:
Move it up.
Rise above the noise.
Get the message to the audience.
Make the message simple.
Make it clear.
Make it fly.

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‘Cause smart brands deal with people.

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We offer a complete and comprehensive brand communications service.

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The philosophy of beautifully balanced brand messages.

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Every. single. thing. we do is planned, executed & measured on the business value it adds.

Brand Strategy

Does your brand have heart and soul? Our targeted brand strategies assist clients to create brands that are different from, or better…

Marketing Strategy

Reaching business goals drives our marketing and implementation plans. We assist brands to reach competitive differentiation…


Your brand’s reputation is an essential part of business success. We understand the delicate nature of reputation…

Design Thinking

In need of innovative solutions? Our design thinking methodology activates a platform and guides businesses to create new…

Across-media Design & Development

Creativity runs in or veins and sparks our souls. We design and develop creative concepts…


Our consulting offers established businesses and entrepreneurs marketing consulting services that reap measurable return on marketing investment.


As a full solution Brand Communications Agency we offer production of print material, promotional items, video and photography to our wide client base.


A strategy that is not managed, accurately implemented and tracked cannot be measured. Angelcy implements and manages marketing strategies and…

In business and marketing, the importance and connection of a brand cannot be overstated. A brand is not merely a logo or a catchy slogan; it embodies a company’s identity, values, and promises to its customers. At Angelcy, we work with clients in various industries and sectors; a strong and well-defined visual brand serves as a memory hook and can create a proverbial lasting impression.

The business space is the bridge that connects a company to its customers, acting as a subconscious touch point and emotional connection. A well-crafted brand environment distinguishes a business from its competitors. It can impact its bottom line by affecting consumer choices. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, nurturing and enhancing a brand’s presence is critical and supports the brand identity, values and icons.

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Need some wings for your brand?

Angelcy Brand Messengers understands very easily the needs and requirements of their clients, this as result of their extensive experience in conceptualising, developing and growing their clients brands to even more successful heights than envisaged. Their personal interaction and high level of professionalism in deling on an equal basis of value proposition regardless of the size of the client s organisation, leaves little to ponder a s to why they should not be engaged as your key brand partners.

– Francois van Tonder. Managing Director. Power Matla Innolumis.