And that’s it. It’s all we do. And it’s a lot.

We believe that being a truly media and channel independent brand communications agency means just that. The message we create will be simple, honest and accurate, it will stand out from the loud and it will be irresistibly beautiful. Its delivery will be to the right target audience at the right time. Every time.

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Angelcy is an international specialist brand communications (marketing) agency and consultancy.

Creativity – sensory and strategic – flows in our veins and fuels our passion, imagination and inquisitive, adventurous nature. It is an essential and non-negotiable part of who we are. We have served clients across most conceivable industries and every single project deserves and receives the same pride and professionalism – whether you are the corner greengrocer or the large multinational – your brand is our business.


Integrity encompasses the brand intrinsics of honesty, accuracy and dependability.

People buy into honest brands. Brands “you can trust” tends to fly higher, faster and last longer.

Our focus on Beauty is based on the human love for aesthetics: irresistible beauty and attention to detail has the power to persuade, fall in love and change the world.

Simplicity relies on the shortest route (maximum efficiency & effectiveness) approach, without over-analysing or unnecessary complication. If this route does not exist or has never been used, be sure that we’ll make a plan.

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Celéste Burger

With Fine Arts and MBL degrees, Chartered Marketer – CM(SA) and Creative Director, Celéste Burger has 23 years of solid creative and design, branding and marketing experience. In addition to this, Celéste is a Board Member of the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) and has provided training at institutions such as University of North West and Boston Media House; as well as lectured Organisational Behaviour at Vega Brand School in 2016 and Brand Strategy in 2016/17. She augments her creative flair with proven business skills to conceptualise, create, implement and manage projects of all sorts, sizes and flavours across various industry sectors. She values vibrancy, passion and professionalism in the creative process. What this means for you is unique and well executed solutions tailored to your every creative need AND your bottom line. This ethos underpins every project with pride and flair to the best advantage of every client.

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