New Business – K Carrim Builders Mecca and Tile Mecca.

Angelcy has been appointed to develop a brand strategy and a marketing implementation plan for K Carrim Builders Mecca and Tile Mecca.

Our flock is growing – Marilize Jacobs

Pretoria, 28 January 2019 – Marilize Jacobs has been appointed as the head of public relations and content management for Angelcy Engagement and Reputation (ER). Angelcy ER is the sister division of the well established strategic communications agency, Angelcy Brand Messengers. Angelcy ER is also a BEE level 2 service agency.

Our flock is growing – Sizophila Ndlezi

Just to prove that we’re quite a strapping bunch of people, Marketing Coordinator and expert payer-of-attention-to-detail, Sizophila Dlezi closes the flock with a Higher Certificate in Advertising and Integrated Communications (Boston Media House). Sizo is a budding strategist and multi-talented operator. Multitasking never ruffles her hair. Coastal weather, however, is a different story.

Our flock is growing – Chris Maree

Web and interactive development are firmly tucked under Chris Maree’s wing. Our favourite propellerhead-wizard makes light work of complex digital executions. And look great. He’s also a social media boffin and understands geek perfectly.