No consultancy can ever claim to make a brand fly if it does not fully understand the client, its business, its market, its target audiences, its competitors, local and global trends and the industry space it operates in. This first step of research puts us in a knowledgeable position from where to start a project. What a brand is trying to say and what a target audience is hearing is, more often then not, misaligned.

The logical next step would be to align a brand’s message to what the audience is understanding: The development of a strategy to narrow the gap between the (now clearer) needs and expectations of the brand and its target audiences.

This strategy is then tested on the brand and its various target audiences by means of spot research, focus groups and/or a stakeholder conference to determine whether the strategic direction is accurate in achieving the desired outcomes.

Only when the strategic direction is determined and confirmed, the actual execution of the strategy can commence. Execution of projects is controlled by two things, complying to the deliverables of the plan and complying to the Angelcy values of integrity, simplicity and irresistibly beauty.

The ultimate success of any project is arriving at the desired outcome set out in the plan. By implementing a system of goals and measurement of success processes right from the start, we can track the success of a project, and if need be, adjust elements of implementation to ensure that targets are met.

Science of flight

Need some wings for your brand?