To move up (and stay there), brands must ensure that the groundwork of its identity and its messages are scientifically sound.

Lift is only possible with wings shaped to allow the critical air pressure difference required to overcome weight.

So your brand needs the right shape – It starts with a unique, instantly recognisable logo (your brand’s single most important identifier), developed with insight, meticulous attention to detail and lot of heart.

Your brand does not end at its logo though. Your brand is a lot more. (Branding is most surely not the slapping of your logo on Saturday’s Golf Day shirt only!)

It’s shaped by its strategy, its people, its offering, the packaging of that offering, its customer service, its use of technology, even the quality of the telephone-on-hold tune.

Long story short – your brand is everything tangible about your business – at every level and in every detail. And the potential height it can rise above the noise is directly related to how well everything’s shaped.

Science of flight

Need some wings for your brand?