Birds do it. Bees do it. But (even educated) fleas can’t do it.

Since the dawn of time, man also dreamt of doing it. Leo (not the actor, that other crazy Italian with the big brain and the wicked beard) thought we could do it in the 1400’s. We finally kinda got the hang of it early in the 20th century.

However, few brands get it.

Most scramble for their piece of the cake on terra firma only, fighting the constant traffic jams of media noise, other brands jostling and muddled messaging. Some are forever stuck on the highway of paradigm paralysis, where “things are done like they’ve always been done…”

Fact is, as soon as a brand grasps the rocket science of utilising the third dimension for some space of its own, communicating the right messages to the right audiences at the right time is… well… easy as fly.

Angelcy Brand Messengers does just that. We create brand messages, and we deliver them. At the speed of a thought. By air. Need some wings for your brand?

Taking a brand to the sky is a fairly simple affair: Much like the most basic science of the forces on a wing.

The inherent weight of an object in flight must be overcome by lift, created by causing a lower airpressure over the wing than below it. Drag, caused by air friction, needs to be overcome by thrust. (Read more about it here, if you’re feeling batty.)

Lift gets you up. Thrust gets you forward. To fly, you need both.

Science of flight

Need some wings for your brand?