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Now you can Rent-to-own your gas stove

by Angelcy Media
11th Mar 2019

Cook on gas tonight

Centurion, Gauteng, 14 February 2019 – With the return of load shedding and rolling grid maintenance, many South Africans will be caught off guard by power outages – affecting their lifestyles and stress levels.

Getting off the grid completely and becoming self-reliant is a daunting prospect. Solar is the solution for providing lights, but cooking and water heating remain a problem. Can you really call it home if you can’t shower and eat there?

The solution, says Brett Cohen, owner of The Gas Company (TGC), is a first in the South African market: an easy, all-in-one gas hob conversion that can see a homeowner place an order before 10am in the morning and be cooking with gas that same evening.

Much like taking out a cellphone contract, Cohen says signing up for a three-year contract means getting the gas hob, gas installation, a gas refill service and compliance certification, plus an optional full maintenance contract all in one go.

No need to worry about running out of gas, where to get gas refills, where to place the installation, can your setup be made compliant, will the hob fit in my counter, who to call if the thing starts misbehaving.

It’s just about as easy as buying pizza, which is just about as easy as eating pizza, but without the guilt.

Gas has the capability to power cooking hobs, water heaters and space heaters with efficiency that outstrips electrically powered equivalents; and they’re reliable!

Cohen says running costs become more attractive the higher Eskom’s tariffs move, with applications for 15% electricity price hikes for each of the next three years awaiting approval at the regulator. Electricity prices are only going to move in one direction – upwards. Already your savings on electrical usage could cover the costs of the contract and now you’ll be cooking on gas, which is a thing.

Converting to gas on a contractual basis does two things, it helps with cash-flow because you don’t have to fork out the upfront costs and it provides a level of simplicity unmatched in the market. You fill in the contract go home open a bottle of bubbly and you’ll be cooking on gas tonight. Oh, and also, you no longer depend on Eskom for your cooking requirements.

Getting certification for gas installations is traditionally a bugbear for anyone wanting to switch to using gas, and this type of contract eliminates the hassle completely, at no extra charge.

Granite countertops are cut for free in the no-charge installation. Service and hob maintenance can be included in the contract for R25 per month. Typically, Cohen says, a 9kg gas bottle will last six months in a house with four occupants.

This offer includes gas supply for three years based on such usage, contracts based on three month exchanges are also available for customers with higher usage requirements.

Contracts for a 60cm hob start at just R299 per month and for a 90cm hob they start at R399. The contracts have a three-year duration after which the customer owns the hob and can either upgrade to a new hob or enter a new contract for gas only.

No outside installation is required for a 9kg gas bottle so gas hob conversion is easy even for those living in apartments. For customers wanting an outside installation, this option is available.

The Gas Company is currently the only retailer offering rent to own gas solutions. Cohen says it’s evidence of their commitment to their driving mission: to provide uninterrupted living. Currently available to anyone living in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas.